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Wizards vs. Warriors

As for the title of this post, no, I am not speaking about the NBA (Washington/Golden State), I am speaking about an interesting comment Paul made to us in the team room prior to our games against UCONN and Duke.  Paul emphatically … Continue reading

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The Not So Average Jo

I would like to start by welcoming all my readers and thanking you for being a part of this Cheestesteak experience.  I have an inkling that many of you may be reading this from your computers in New York because Paul just happened to send my blog to … Continue reading

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What Does It Take to Be Great?

This post comes with a warning.  If you happen to hear an alarm go off as you read it, it is because it is the NERD ALERT.  What I am writing about pertains to two books I have read as … Continue reading

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Cheesesteak Euphoria

The last time I wrote we were settling into West Chester, PA and two days away from the start of something great: Cheesesteak Preseason 2011.  It may be sad to admit this to the general public, but my favorite time … Continue reading

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